Agriculture & Natural Resources

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The Agriculture Program emphasizes systems approaches that maintain and enhance agricultural profitability through the application of sound crop and animal production practices. We address issues associated with the social and environmental impacts of food safety and quality, surface and groundwater contamination, biotechnology, and natural resource management.

The Natural Resources Program addresses educational needs related to the management, use, and sustainability of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. Drawing on a variety of disciplines, these programs typically focus on such topics as soil, water, air, plant and animal life, forests, rangelands, and aquatic and other ecosystems.

Harris County Focus

In Harris County, Extension programs help those involved in agriculture to:

  • Meet society’s needs for safe, wholesome, and affordable food, fiber, and other resources
  • Meet environmental expectations while remaining competitive in a global economy
  • Communicate the value of agriculture to producers, families, communities, and society
  • Develop an understanding of the interdependence of urban and rural residents
  • Be sensitive to competing for public and private interests in achieving a balance among resource uses
  • Demonstrate sustainable agriculture practices to farm and non-farm audiences

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