Cylinder Gardening Registration Information

Spring 2019 Registration

The Spring 2019 Cylinder Gardening program will open registration on Friday, January 7, 2019. We will be offering the following registration options. Supplies to be issued this semester will be seeds and instructions OR seeds, fertilizer, cylinders and instructions. Harris County Extension offices are relocated due to Hurricane Harvey. The address for pick-up will be listed below or emailed to you.

Pick the correct registration options for this semester, as they can not be changed:


OPTION 1: (Supplies mailed):

SEEDS & INSTRUCTIONS MAILED: please complete the online registration form by 4:00 pm Friday, January 25, 2019; we will not be able to process incomplete or late registrations. After submitting your registration, you will see a confirmation on your screen that it was submitted successfully.  Once you submit your form, a notification will be sent to us (no need for you to send via e-mail).

OPTION 2: (Supplies picked up):

SEEDS, FERTILIZER, CYLINDERS, & INSTRUCTIONS: If you need fertilizer and/or cylinders, we are unable to mail; but you can pick up your full order on the designated pick up days noted below.  Please complete the online registration form by 4:00 pm on Friday, January 25, 2019If you are unable to come yourself, you can ask a parent or school volunteer to pick up for you.

ALL sections of the form MUST be complete; we will not be able to process incomplete forms. 

Supply pick up dates and location:    Pick-up location to be determined.

For homeschools, please see our Homeschool page.


If you need advice now on preparing your garden or you have questions about planting or harvesting after receiving your supplies, please send your questions to .


Any questions, please e-mail us at .


ALL TEACHERS/PARENTS / LEADERS: Be sure to add to your Contact List so our e-mail notifications do not go to your Spam folder.

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