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Fall 2020 Registration – Please read about changes

Welcome Back Everyone!  We wanted to address this fall season’s Cylinder Garden Program during the pandemic.

All of us have had to make adjustments due to Covid-19. These have caused stress on adults and children. One known avenue to help cope with stress is gardening. We are proposing to help teachers and students by continuing our cylinder garden program, but with some accommodations due to the realities of the situation.

Our idea is that teachers can register their classes and we will provide seed packets for every child in the class. We will mail these to the teachers, and they will in turn distribute them to their students to take home.  This semester we will be using donated seed packets from Home Depot. We have vegetable seeds as well as flower seeds for the students.

Once the teachers have registered their classes, they will receive the link to the files that will include very short videos on garden preparation and seed planting. as well as other information. Then later in the semester we will add tending the garden (weeding and general up-keep) and harvesting.  Once the students have received the seeds, they can use the teachers’ link to view the online information we provide.

If you are interested in registering, please note that this semester there will be no in-person contact. All seeds will be mailed, all instructions will be online.

The Fall 2020 Cylinder Gardening program will open registration on Monday, August 24, 2020 and stay open until September 11th. (** Please note: registration forms will NOT be available before this date.) Seeds will be mailed out approximately, September 30th.

If you are a teacher and would like to sign up for future Cylinder Gardening Registration Notifications, please click HERE.

Pick the correct registration options for this semester, as they can not be changed:


OPTION 1: (Supplies mailed):

SEEDS & INSTRUCTIONS MAILED: please complete the online registration form by 4:00 pm Friday, September 11, 2020; we will not be able to process incomplete or late registrations. After submitting your registration, you will see a confirmation on your screen that it was submitted successfully.  Once you submit your form, a notification will be sent to us (no need for you to send via e-mail). Seeds will be mailed around September 30th.

OPTION 2: (Supplies picked up): Not offered this year

ALL sections of the form MUST be complete; we will not be able to process incomplete forms. 

For homeschools, please see our Homeschool page.

If you need advice now on preparing your garden or you have questions about planting or harvesting after receiving your supplies, please send your questions to

Any other questions, please e-mail us at


ALL TEACHERS/PARENTS / LEADERS: Be sure to add to your Contact List so our e-mail notifications do not go to your Spam folder.

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