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The number “10” is very powerful and fits a “small steps approach” to positive behavior change. It is easy to multiply, divide, and remember. Use “The Power of 10” to improve your life. An example is loss of 10% of your body weight, to be achieved through a gradual weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week. Some-one who weighs 180 pounds would, thus, have a weight loss goal of 18 pounds. Re-search has shown that people don’t need to lose a large amount of weight to see improvements in their health status. Lose 10 pounds in a year by eating 100 calories less per day. Ways to easily reduce calories include 1) prepare dinner plates from the kitchen and take to the dinner table instead of putting foods in bowls and placing on table 2) Replace a sweet/salty treat with a healthier food. 3) Eat meals on a smaller plate. 4) Don’t eat in front of the television. 5) Drink a glass of water before and during a meal.


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