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“Better Living for Texans (BLT) is a nutrition education program for adults and children that are SNAP participants and SNAP eligible.

The BLT program helps people make healthy meals, improve their physical fitness, save money at the grocery store, grow their own foods, and adopt better food safety habits.”

Texas Seniors will learn to:

Maximize the use of  resources through budgeting and sound consumer decision making in buying nutritious foods. Make informed choices based on an understanding of the Dietary guidelines and My Plate and plan safe, economical, nutritionally sound meals.

Increase healthy prevention strategies that encourage individual nutritional status and well-being.

Strengthen basic skills of food planning to enhance nutritional status and well-being.


  • Reach Your Goals Step By Step
  • Challenges & Solutions
  • Colorful & Classic Favorites
  • Eat Smart/Spend Less


Educational Sessions

  • Groups/Organizations
  • Club Meetings
  • Church Organizations


Better Living for Texans Curriculum

Series I:  Reach Your Goals Step by Step  

  • Begin with a few exercises
  • Discuss the major food groups
  • Tips on how to add more exercise into ones diet
  • Foods that help us stay healthy along with what a healthy plate looks like
  • Take a brief one page survey and provide handouts.

 Series II:  Challenges & Solutions

  • Begin with a few exercises
  • Discuss tips on how to incorporate more exercise into ones daily routine
  • Discuss ways to reach food goals
  • Discuss how to read a food label.   

Series III:  Colorful and Classic Favorites

  • Begin with a few exercises
  • Talk about which foods we consider to be classics & favorites
  • Discuss recipe ideals along with meal planning
  • Take a quick one page survey
  • Provide a healthy food demo for everyone to enjoy.

Series IV:  Eat Smart/Spend Less

  • We begin with a few exercises
  • Discuss tips on how people can make their food dollars stretch and really save more
  • Discuss unit pricing and local prices.

Materials Available

  • Brochures
  • Fact Sheets


Kerry Kennedy, M. Ag.

Better Living For Texans

Extension Agent – Harris County

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

6200 Savoy Dr., Suite 430

Houston, TX  77036




Lora Jorgensen

Better Living For Texans

Project Coordinator I

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

6200 Savoy Dr., Suite 430

Houston, TX  77036



Useful links

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

211 Texas: Connecting People to Services:

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center


SNAP information:



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