Urban Rancher

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Extension Volunteers branching out to assist their neighbors with research based training and information.

Training Opportunities

Evening Lectures and Saturday Workshops

Experts from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Harris County provide lectures pertaining to ranchette management. Candidates are encouraged to attend all Urban Rancher 2-hr Lectures and Saturday workshops listed below.

The 2013 Harris County Sessions are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, February 12th. Seven 2-hour lectures are scheduled for every Tuesday evening through March 26th to be held at the Harris County Extension Office . Three 6-hour Saturday workshops are scheduled for hands-on training (locations for Saturday workshops TBA).

Topics for 2013 Urban Rancher Lecture Series

Evening Lectures – 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

  • Landowner Liability and Condemnation
  • Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
  • Ag Business Planning
  • Toxic Plant Management
  • Beef Cattle Nutrition
  • Farm Ponds
  • Graduation Dinner

Saturday Workshops – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Livestock Health (Calving Assistance Demonstration)/Handling and Chute Side Manners
  • Fence Building Workshop
  • Pasture Plant ID and Control

The Urban Rancher Program

Population growth in and around Harris County is on the rise. This is changing the face of southeast Texas agriculture. Large tracts of farmland that were once managed as single units are being subdivided into small tracts and sold to individuals who wish to escape the pressures of city living. These smaller parcels are commonly referred to as ranchettes, while individuals who make this move from population centers to small ranches are referred to as urban ranchers.

Urban ranchers either commute to a full-time job in the city from their ranchette where they live, or they live in the city and operate land outside of Houston or Harris County. In both cases, weekends and holidays are typically devoted to work on their ranchette. Many ranchette operators have at least one college degree, but lack significant experience and adequate training in the agricultural sciences.

The Urban Rancher Volunteer program is designed to strengthen the technical knowledge of the ranchette operator by providing over 40 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of hands-on training across a comprehensive list of topics that pertain to ranch selection, establishment and management. Upon completion of the training series, individuals are invited to participate in planning and implementation of outreach activities with agriculture and natural resources programs with Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

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