Cylinder Gardening Materials

The following materials for Cylinder Gardens are provided free to registered schools, homeschools and clubs by the Harris County Master Gardener Association.

Materials include:

  • Directions for planting and harvesting of vegetables in cylinders, other containers, or raised beds *
  • A variety of vegetable seeds (one package for every two students registered; a package is seed for 1 container or a 12″ square area in a raised bed)
  • Organic fertilizer and cylinders can be picked up when registering for Homeschool registration or Option 2 on the Registration Information page.**

* you will need to purchase potting soil and containers prior to planting, which should be on or after:

October 2 for Fall

** Fertilizer is available at the Homeschool registration days or on designated pick up days (See Option 2 on our Registration Information page).

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