Cylinder Gardening Homeschools and Organizations with 1-6 students Registration Information

For homeschools and organizations with 1-6 students located in Harris County, please use the contact below to send an inquiry.  This approach has proven to better serve families and groups with smaller numbers of students. In the past, we have had a large percent of our registered homeschools never pick up their supplies.

The Harris County AgriLife Extension Bear Creek office was permanently damaged by Hurricane Harvey, so please note the pickup location change on the registration option.

Remember, the only cost to you for cylinder gardening is the potting soil and container.  Seeds and fertilizer will be available. If you have questions while planting or growing your vegetables with your children, you can email your questions to .

ALL TEACHERS/PARENTS / LEADERS: Be sure to add to your Contact List so our e-mail notifications do not go to your Spam folder.

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