2018 Project Runway Fashion Review Qualifying Contest Results

A huge THANK YOU to our judges for the Harris County 4-H 2018 Project Runway Fashion Review Qualifying Contests!  Our Duds to Dazzle Judges included Connie Bihner, Nita Beard, Marcia Karns, & Betty Hankinson--all from the West Houston Quilters Guild.  Our Fashion Show & Fashion Storyboard Judges included Margarita Johnston, Jayne Leuterman, Angelique Johnston & Elysce Garrison from the American Sewing Guild and Teresa Anderson from the Greater Houston Quilters Guild.  Our Project Runway 4-H volunteers included Sarah Richter and Dr. Brenda Odhiambo.  We send a HUGE thank you to JoAnn's Kids In Need Foundation for supplying the necessary supplies for the Duds to Dazzle Contest and contestant prizes.  And as always, we thank all our 4-H club managers, parents and 4-H Project Leaders for your efforts helping our contestants prepare for the contest! The Fashion Show contest results are as follows:  In the Clothing Construction:  Juniors: 1st place in Everyday Living—August Wright from North Houston 4-H, 1st place in Re-Fashion—Emma Sweger from Two Hearts 4-H.  Intermediates:  1st place in Everyday Living—Larissa Work from North Houston 4-H, 2nd Place—Destiny Jacob from Cypress Bend 4-H.  Seniors: 1st place in Everyday Living— Lauren Baxter from North Houston 4-H.  In the Clothing Buying, Intermediates, Fabulous Fashions under $25, 1st place—Ivy Hiner, 2nd Place—Zoe McClendon, both from Youth of Texas 4-H.  In the Natural Fibers, Intermediates, 1st Place—Destiny Jacob—Cypress Bend 4-H.  For the Duds To Dazzle Contest results are as follows: for the Senior teams, 1st place—Essence of Elegance from Cypress Bend 4-H, 2nd Place—The Three Stitches from North Houston 4-H.  Intermediate: 1st place—In Stitches from Cypress 4-H, 2nd place—Fashion Finest from Youth of Texas 4-H.  Junior: 1st place—Busy Bees from Two Hearts 4-H.  In the Fashion Storyboard Contest, Juniors, 1st place—Iris Ho from Two Hearts 4-H.  Intermediate, 1st place—Destiny Jacobs from Cypress Bend 4-H.  All contestants advance to compete at District-9 Round up “Big Time In D-9” on May 4th, at Lone Star College in Conroe, TX.

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